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Politics in America was never simply a question of whether one was a democrat or republican; instead it is a question of loyalty; more exactly to it has been a to whom or to what group is one loyal to at a particular time and given a particular set of circumstances. This quandary offers an excellent opportunity for the American government and administrative structures to reconstruct them by using theories of cooperative federalism. An example, of an official attempting to remake the political scheme in America is President Barak Obama’s sweeping policy changes, specifically in regards to regulating how Washington works. First, the volatility of power as it relates to cooperative federalism specifically how that power is gained, kept, or lost shall be explored herein. Moreover, the power of the American government is presumed to radiate upward from the populate instead of from those appointed and elected officials downward. Those officials exist merely to accomplish the functions of governance and administration. However, the title of “public servant which many politicians employ only during election cycles by its very structure means one who serves the public. A dynamic which lends itself toward the present top down power vacuum are the attitudes which many Americans maintain of government not being for the people in any important way. Ultimately, the character of power in American government the relationship of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government along with that of big business and the public shall be explored briefly in order to demonstrate the how policies are influenced.
My stance is that the government, as stated in the Federal Constitution was established “by the people, for the people” and not to disenfranchise those it was meant to protect (insert quote). Therefore, it is my conviction that in accordance with the guiding principles authenticated by the Founding Fathers of the United States that Americans were shall not be considered chattel by special interest groups, elected, appointed, or administrative bureaucrats. In regards to the...

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