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When you are watching Monday Night Football, what is running through your mind? A crunching tackle sends your arms flailing in the air, the pretzels fall to the ground and beer ends up on your shirt. Are you thinking about why #84 is wide right and #88 in on the bench even though he holds the teams touch down reception record for all time. Of course not, all you care about is the hard hitting, intense game that you obviously wish you were at or think you are at by the way you yell at the official as if he can hear you. What about when you are watching one of your children play baseball? Why do you think your child was replaced at shortstop by another, equally talented child shortly after the coach was approach by the other child's father. From six-year-old recreational leagues all the way to the pros, the role of politics within sports is evident.In the last five years, the Seattle Mariners have won two division championships and one wild card. They had never dropped below third place in the division for those five years. In fact, the last five years have been the winningest years in Mariner history.# Knowing this what could justify leaving this winning team, as a star shortstop, for a team, the Texas Rangers, whose five-year record winning could be compared to a roller coaster.# Alex Rodriguez was quoted saying that he was not leaving for the money. This came just days after he signed the largest salary contract in sports history. In this contract "A-Rod" will be granted a raise in salary if any other professional athlete is signed for more pay so he can remain the highest paid athlete in sports history. But it's not about the money, remember? Assuming that Mr. Rodriguez isn't concerned about the money, what would be the reason for demoting himself to the Rangers? Most believe the answer lies deep within the Mariner ball club, which promotes politics in the system as the reason for his leaving the team. Another popular belief for Rodriguez's move to Texas is to be a part of a winning ball club.Another example of politics swaying decisions made in athletics comes from a personal experience of mine two years ago. I was playing on a soccer team in the Premier 1 league in Washington State, which is the highest level of club soccer. The team was based out of the Wenatchee and Cashmere Valleys. In that area there are many apple and cherry orchards, which create a large Hispanic population. The roster of my team was three quarters Hispanic. During our season we beat the #1 ranked team, Sparta. As the championship tournament, The State Cup, approached we posed a threat to Sparta. Now, one of the fathers of a Sparta team member was on the board of athletics that oversaw our league. Our first game of the tourney was to be played in Wenatchee. But heavy snowfall prevented our Seattle based rival from showing up for the game. Our coach contacted the Seattle teams coach and then contacted the board. Later that week we were informed that the board had forced...

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