Politics, Propaganda, And Hate Essay

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Politics, Propaganda, and Hate

Propaganda is very important issue in our society. The word "propaganda" however, has a very negative connotation. This may happen because people tend to associate it with "the enormous campaigns that were waged by Hitler and Stalin,' (Delwiche 2002). Now propaganda has a different face.

It may not be as obvious as but it is used regurlarly by politicians, companies and others who are interested in influencing our behaviour. "Propaganda is the control of opinion by significant symbols influence", (Laswell, as cited in Chadwick). There are seven types of propaganda devices. These have been categorized into a few groups by the Institute of Propaganda Analysis (IPA): Name Calling, Glittering Generality, Transfer, Testimonial, Plain folks, Card stacking and Bandwagon. Using these devices, propaganda can be successful (serve it's objective).

"The work of the propaganda (is to influence) large scale and "group conscious, (" it is not directed at individuals. It is directed through many media which can include "leaflets, posters, TV broadcasts or radio broadcasts," (Wikipedia). Verbal statements are the most common way propaganda occurs. It often involves the distortion or manipulation of facts but not always. Propaganda isn't only spread through words, often actions, gestures of even image manipulation can be the cause. It involves anything that may provide an affected version of the truth, even stereotypes. Propaganda can employs prejudice to perpetuate stereotypes and those stereotypes have a direct effect on the propaganda. This turns into a endless cycle. Hatred is the cause for extreme cases of propaganda. These prejudices create stereotypes that then become common belief.

"Two thousand years of anti-Semitism could be caused by the above, (Grobman, 1990). In the Western World, this may not be probable (atleast not openly), but in some parts of the world this still occurs. A relevant example is the Afghani response to the war against terrorism. Aaaron Delwiche published a story on his site which was retrieved from the BBC. They reported a story in 2002, form the the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) about the propaganda material that was being distributed in Afghanistan. The pamphlets were distributed in Nangarhar Province in Eastern Afghanistan. The following is an quote from that pamphlet:

It is a well known and open fact that since mankind has been in existence a tireless and endless struggle has been waged between good and evil. Good was always victorious and evil was destroyed and devastated. This struggle continues today. Some Muslims have been confused and disappointed by this anti terrorist campaign, but thank God, they separated the true Muslims from the hypocrites . . . (America) captured strategic points and put its armies in the sacred places of the Muslims . . .by creating pretexts and conspiracies, as America was afraid of the success of Muslims in the world," (Author, Unknown).


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