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Modern day Nepal is one of the most polluted and impoverished places in the world. Kathmandu has dangerous levels of air and water pollution, making certain regions of the city nearly unlivable. Additionally, problems like littering and excessive carbon emissions are causing problems for both people and the environment.
Many or most issues regarding air and water pollution can be traced back to the waste disposal system found in most urban and rural regions in Nepal, or rather, lack thereof. Without any convenient way to dispose of trash, people living on hillsides in the Himalayas either burn their trash or throw it into a river, reassured that the cool mountain waters will wash away the ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, water pollution can cause environmental issues. Water pollution may disrupt photosynthesis in aquatic plants and consequently affect ecosystems that depend on these plants. Likewise, plants may be killed by such factors as high amounts of sodium chloride, mud, and clay, as well as herbicides used in agriculture. Likewise, pollutants found in soil can reduce crop yield and can be absorbed by plants and passed up the food chain. Biomagnification can then occur in animals higher in the food chain, such as predators, when these animals accumulate toxins in higher and higher quantities. Consequently, this can lead to birth defects, diseases, and genetic mutations in these animal populations. Furthermore, increased levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in the environment can cause an overabundance of nutrients in water, referred to as eutrophication. This can spur growth of algae and phytoplankton, which can lead to harmful algal blooms. When these blooms die off, this can create something known as a “dead zone”, or a place where fish cannot live. This happens when bacteria that take up a lot of oxygen from the water when the algae decomposes. Additionally, these blooms produce deadly toxins which can kill fish, marine mammals, and sea birds as well as harm humans.
In addition to water pollution, air pollution in the region has impacts on human and wildlife alike. Air pollution in the reason has reached high levels over the last few decades, and the Environmental Performance Index showed that as of 2014, Nepal...

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