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Pollution Is A Consistent Demolition Of The Earth., A Persuasive Paper On A Hot Topic That Voices Your Opinion.

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Nikola Bohnke February 1, 2009 Mrs. Leamanczyk First Hour Persuasive essay PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 4 PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 5
Standing on Juhu beach, in Mumbai India, is little boy sifting through trash. He is wearing torn beach shorts and a plain t-shirt he probably found on the beach. As he is standing there you can see the beach extending far behind him completely covered in garbage, stretching on for miles. The boy's face is contorted from the smell of the heaping trash and the air seems slightly off color. This is only one beach in the world that has these issues. ("Day in pictures: 12 July." BBC. 12 July 2008) If we don't try to solve this issue it will spread all over the world invading our beaches in Florida or California. The pollution in the ocean is increasingly high and shows no signs stopping. Certain places in the world have already been affected by this issue and it only getting worse. Studies have shown that "Over 60m liters of oil run off America's streets and via rivers and drains find their way into the oceans each year."("More abused than used." Economist 2009) Pollution in the ocean not only affects the people but also the animals that inhabit it too. Pollution in the ocean has many underlying problems, like the animals or the dumping of garbage into the water, all these problems add up to cause major issues. The animals in ocean have been living with our pollution for many years. "Through sewage and medical waste, antibiotics and hormones enter the systems of seabirds and marine mammals. Mercury and other metals turn up in tuna, orange roughy, seals, polar bears and other long-lived animals." ("More abused than used." Economist 2009) Not only garbage is affecting the ocean but off shore drilling would increase the pollution in the ocean exponentially. "Drilling itself presents many ecological hazards, such as the 90,000 tons of chemicals, oil-polluted water, and excess metal cuttings which are dumped into the Gulf of Mexico, over the lifetime of single oil rig." (Akay, Lelya. "Protecting Our Oceans." 2009) This problem has been going on for quite some time, it is nothing new to this world and will always remain a pressing issue."The bin would be even fuller and fouler had the London dumping convention not been signed in 1972, but the sea is still hideously polluted."("More abused than used." Economist 2009) This problem has been discussed between people and conventions for many decades. Some helpful laws have been issued to attempt to help cut down on the issue but not enough. In some countries they are trying to cut down on pollution which makes them look at some issues that are hampering the ocean currently. Currently in the middle of the Pacific ocean there is a vast garbage patch that is growing rapidly. It is currently, as of June 2008, over twice the size of the USA. It stretches over 590 nautical miles from the Californian coast past Hawaii almost to Japan. Since the last study of this deadly garbage patch it has grown...

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