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We are polluting the air, water, and land in many ways, and the more people we have, the more pollution produced. If we each cut our carbon footprint in half, for example, (very unlikely, of course) and population doubled, we wouldn’t have accomplished anything. And in reality, we increase our footprint and increase the number of people. We are using up both renewable (e.g., water, food) and non-renewable (e.g., oil) resources and the more people there are, the less there is to go around. Its simple arithmetic: the more people, the less of anything per person. Resource shortages and simple overcrowding within a country makes it look longingly at the resources of their neighbors–and wars often follow. Hitler’s expansion in Europe took place under the heading: Lebensraum: living space. The German people didn’t have enough room in Germany, so they took over neighboring countries. Overpopulation is a problem for both rich and poor countries. While the poor countries tend to have higher birth and growth rates, the rich ones use more resources and create more pollution per capita. In looking at the problem of overpopulation, it is often important to distinguish problems created within a country or portion of a country and problems for the planet as a whole. On a smaller scale, you will sometimes hear rich Americans say they can afford to have a large family. That’s true in the sense that it is not a financial hardship for them, but those extra, wealthy children have a disproportionately big impact on the community, nation or planet we all share. Question- My research this far has indicated that the population will stop growing within my lifetime, do you believe this to be true? How so? Explain? ...

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