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Poltical Authority Essay

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In these documents, the political thinking is very much of how their society is standing for or what they are all about. Each everyone of them sound like they were speaking for their own people and what they represent. For an example The Roman Oration document is speaking from the people’s point of view “You are the only ones to ever rule over freemen…. You govern throughout the whole inhabited world as if in a single city.” As well, The Rock Edicts “no living beings are to be slaughtered or offered in sacrifice.” It is a settled way of life and how they are wanting to or desiring to live. The most common writings they have in comparisons are that they all have someone they are addressing ...view middle of the document...

In these documents I would say the responses that would come along with these ideas would be interesting things to think about. Confucianism would probably see it as all of the documents as of what he was teaching about. Confucianism teachings were influences of politics and culture more an moral, ethical, political, and practical. Daoism would very much disagree with maybe the fact that its more of a political but they would agree with some of documents wanting the people to live freely. Most likely Daoism would agree with The Rock Edicts because of it’s whole vision and relating to the gods more than just a government. Daoism is all about having less government and less activism. Legalism would most likely agree with all of them because of the stability they believe in strengthening and expanding the state. For Funeral Oration they would most likely not agree with their circumstances. Even though they are peaceful people and then pretty much never really bother anyone. Legalism would just question as to why they would not want something bigger and better. It seems as though Funeral Oration is more settled with the way they live their lives and don’t mean to be much of a bother in trying to expand with one another. Simply if Pericles could get over the fact that they do not enter into competitions with their neighbors then maybe they could form a much stronger and peaceful type of government.
The connections I would have to say that is in the modern world today is that they are for their people and basically how the government should be ran. I would say Pericles is more like our government because back then they were more of a democracy just how we are today. Our government does have stability to it and we try so hard not to get involved into any wars because we know it will mess with our money. In the ancient times I would most of they’re politics were based on religious issues at the time. Back then, everyone was for the religions and how they would effect their people and everything. In modern day circumstances it’s more about the parities what we deal with who is pro this or who is anti that. In our government we have the Independents, Republicans, Democratic, and many more. Usually we choose between whether they Democratic or Republican because us citizens like what they stand for.
The power that is presented in these documents seems to be very strong and the authority seems to be struggling. Why do I say this because they are addressing issues that has been very wrong with their own government. In the articles “The writings of Master Hen Fei” he had expressed about the chastisement and the commendation of the men, that seemed more as the power they was based in this document. “Ministers are afraid of censure and punishment fond of encouragement and reward.” Their ministers would rather not use violence or any such danger at that to punish men they would rather teach the rights of how to be good and to give them great success. This...

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