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Ok, let’s be frank nobody like to talk about politics. Politics is an extremely dirty word and an even dirtier topic. The fact that most of us even begin to talk about politics is because some old fart somewhere tells us “you should know what’s happening in our country because you’re a…Insert whatever nationality you are here” even though this old fart can barely remember how to access the internet after being told for the umpteenth time. The only reasons we would even decide to divulge in thought about giving a flying fudge about politics is because of personal reasons, danger, or just want to impress the people who only see spew crap from the decaying pie holes. In fact I’m willing to bet that if asked at least 100 college students what is the bill of right they would, more than likely either say, “of is that a new bill that Obama just proposed” or “lol I’m a journalism major why would I need to know that?” Or the honest one would say “I.D.K”, the acronym not the words. It’s crazy but in today’s society politics have no meaning. If the topic doesn’t portray to the individual personally, doesn’t give them anything they desire then it is safe to assume that an individual won’t be taking part in that.
Now don’t get me wrong I do believe that there is some importance in knowing what is going on in your country. But if it doesn’t involve personal reason than to most it would be worthless to even bother. Case in point, in politics when they begin to discuss the steady increase in college tuition then any person planning on or going to college would be extremely concerned due to the fact it takes away their money and forces them to change financial plans to accommodate for said events and become interested in the politics of tuition increase. Besides from that the only other rational reason to be interested in politics is because of impending danger.
“Any state is better than no state. Everybody has the capacity for violence and everyone lives in fear we don’t make society, society makes us [Embree 3/11/14]” Fear is what...

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