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The article that I chose from Wikipedia is Polygamy in North America. There are several reasons for choosing this article that will be mentioned later on. The main reason for picking this article is that this article does not seem to go into the specifics of the main issue regarding polygamy in North America of Mormon religion. Particularly, two communities are significant to North American contemporary legal issue regarding polygamy. One of them is the Bountiful community in British Columbia and the other community is in Utah, U.S.A. Both of these communities practice polygamy as it is part of their religious beliefs. Polygamy is not legalized in North America, but a British Columbia’s community, Bountiful, has raised several concerns that have legal scholars divided on this issue of polygamy.
The essay will only focus on the Mormon community particularly the Bountiful community in British Columbia and their conflict with Polygamy in North America for the sake of simplicity. Thus, this essay will demonstrate some of scholars’ concerns, show the disagreement that exists in the academic community, and suggest that these issues should be added to the Wikipedia’s article. As a result, the readers can get a more in-depth analysis of the issue which may potentially raise more questions in readers’ mind and encourage them to explore the issue further. The essay is determined to make the transition from an abstract and broad concern regarding polygamy to a more through concern, which the article on Polygamy in Wikipedia has failed to provide. Moreover, the essay will critique the Wikipedia article along with some additions of the topic.
Bountiful, British Columbia---the Concern
The first addition with regards to polygamy in North America that this essay endorses is the issue that rose in British Columbia. This is one of the most significant issues of Polygamy in contemporary North America. In Bountiful, there is a small Mormon community of approximately 1000 people that continuously practice Polygamy (Campbell, 3). This is problematic for Kent, one of the legal scholars that the essay will explore. Kent’s main issue with polygamy is that it leads to several domestic and relationship problems particularly for women and children, who are part of a polygamous family. Kent calls polygamy inherently abusive (Kent, 18) which leads to the abuse of wives in the relationship, particularly young girls who are brainwashed and lead to be a part of this structure, “some polygamous unions may have involved girls as young as eleven,38 plus additional evidence about polygamy involving thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-olds.”(Kent, 13). Hence, the article finds these concerns essential to be mentioned in the article so that the readers can understand few of the concerns raised against Polygamy in North America.
By bringing forth the concern of the legal Scholars who are against polygamy will enlighten readers about the rationale behind the notion of making...

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