'pompeii Had A Fair And Effective Form Of Government' Discuss Dchs Year 11 Essay

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‘Pompeii had a fair and effective form of government.’ 
How far do you agree with this view?
In Pompeii, the government system was largely successful but did have some flaws. In this essay I will be examining the ways in which the Pompeian government was fair and effective as well as in the ways it was not.
When Pompeii was rediscovered in 1748 the archaeologists found the town to be in good condition not only due to the pyroclastic surge but also because of the way the Pompeian government at the time effectively dealt with the 62AD earthquake. The archaeologists found that when Mt Vesuvius erupted, Pompeii was under construction pulling down old buildings and replacing them with new, updated ones showing that the government at the time had quickly responded to the natural disaster and turned it into an opportunity to better the city.
The government could also be seen as effective as there was evidence of several offices discovered inside the Curia and Basilica so jobs in government must have been seen as important in Pompeian society. The government in Pompeii may have also been fair as everyone with a position in government had been chosen by the general public. The ‘duovirs’ were in charge of the everyday running of the city and shared power so that all important decisions were made collectively. They also managed the public funds, made legal decisions and oversaw the meetings of the town council. The ‘aediles’ were in charge of road maintenance, organising public games, upkeep of public temples and supervision of the markets. The town council was made up of 100...

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