Pompeii: Some Primary Sources For Pompeii And Descriptions Of Thier Purpose. On Funeral And Burial Practices

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Temple of JupiterAt the northern side of the Forum is the Temple of Jupiter. Built in 150 B.C it was Pompeii's main temple. A Capitolium in structure and in pure Italic style, the temple was constructed on a high base, with a double flight of stairs at its front. Inside the temple lay the "cella", accessible only to the priests, and which contained three stands at its far end. Theses stands were occupied by statues of Juno, Jupiter, and Minerva. In 62 C.E., the temple was seriously damaged in an earthquake, and was in the process of being repaired until Mt Vesuvius erupted. In this physical source some problems such as the earthquake and the volcanic eruption had damaged the temple which could have destroyed some of the important things the temple and priests would have done regarding the worship of the gods. The information this temple provides is what and how did the people of Pompeii worshipped their gods and how sacrifices were performed by the priest. These things would help us understand the gods and worship as well as how religion affected everyday life of the Pompeians. Being physical remains from the ancient city it would be referred as a reliable source to work off.Temple of IsisThe temple of Isis is located at the north-west part of the city. This cult originated in Egypt these physical remains of the temple were the best surviving out of the cities remains after the eruption. These rooms show the wall paintings removed from the temple of Isis in Pompeii in the years 1764-66. Their style is typical of the Hellenistic-Roman artistic tradition, but they include many elements of the cult of Isis and Nile valley culture. Also on display are all the artefacts found in the temple: sculptures in marble, bronze and terracotta, inscriptions and a variety of objects used during worship. With these paintings we learn about religious art and the worship of Isis as a god possessions of the priest were also found this helps us understand what the priest does within the temple. The renovation after the 62 A.D earthquake was financed by a freed slave in the name of his young son. There may have been political motivations for this since freed slaves were not allowed to hold public office, and the son who was appointed as a member of the city council was only six years old we know this because of an inscription on the temple after it was rebuilt. The Temple has a mixture of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman architectural features. The problems with the source are that some or the artefacts were stolen out of temple which leaves us less to learn from them also after the eruption certain parts of the building might have been destroyed.The Via Nucerina NecropolisThere were cemeteries located outside every gate of Pompeii. This certain gate was found outside the Nucerian gate. This was one of the popular necropolises. From excavations we learn about how people were past on to the afterlife and how they were buried/cremated. The necropolis had 189 graffiti painted...

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