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Ponce de LeonPonce de Leon was a Pueto Rican explorer. Ponce de Leon's name means ''john of the lion's pouch.'' He was famous for his red hair, his bravery, and his vicious dog, Berezillo, who also had a reddish coat. Not very much was known about Ponce de Leon's early life. Some people think that he was born in 1474 in Tervas, a province of Valladolid, Spain. People think he was born into a noble family. He was not known to have any wives or any kinds. Ponce de Leon was the one to conquer Florida.Ponce de Leon went to try to get the fountain of youth that was suppose to restore youth. Though it restores youth, people think that he went for the money he could get out of it. His first record of European expedition to actually reach Florida. Ponce de Leon had become a soldier of the Hispania and had led the Spanish force to fight against the Indians in the eastern part of the province of Higuey.In 1512 King Ferdinand chose Ponce de Leon to lead an expedition to colonize the island that was called Bimini. The Spaniards thought that it was in the northern part of Cuba, but they were mistaken. In 1492 Ponce de Leon reportedly fought in a long Spanish Campaign ship. Some other people think that after this he joined the vast second expedition of the famous Christopher Columbus.His fleet reached Hisponiole. Hisponish is a Spanish island in the west Indies, in 1493. Ponce de Leon went back in 1502. Some historians believe that he didn't. Ponce de Leon was also the founder of the town of Salvalean, and he built a residence and invented mining, also he worked in agricultural enterprises.In 1508 Ponce de Leon had...

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2113 words - 8 pages recovery. Works Cited Burns, E. Bradford. The Poverty of Progress, University of California Press, 1980 Gibson, Charles. Spain in America, Harper Torch Books, 1966 Hanson, Earl Parker. South from the Spanish Main, Delacorte Press, 1967 "Latin America." Encarta. CD-ROM. Seattle: Microsoft, 2001. Leon, Juana Ponce de. Our Word is Our Weapon, Seven Stories Press, 2001 Liss, Peggy K. and Liss, Sheldon B. Man, State, and Society in Latin

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Ponce De Leon Essay

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