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Sometimes we meet people, who are completely different from who we think they are, and begin to judge them from their appearance rather than digging deep and finding out what who they actually are. We are so concentred on judging these people that we forget to think, that maybe they might have a story behind that face. We have to learn that if a 14 year old boy may look like a greaser doesn’t mean that he acts like one. He might be different from his gang, he might have a different personality that doesn’t match his appearance, and he might have several conflicts that he has to go through just because people start to judge him. S.E Hinton describes a character named Ponyboy Curtis in her book “The Outsiders” who matches the saying of “don’t judge a book by its cover” very well. In this essay Ponyboy’s appearance/personality, relationship to the gang/family, and conflicts/problems they face will be discussed.
Ponyboy Curtis is a 14 year old boy, who has been classified as a “Greaser” a gang in the town where Ponyboy lives. The Greasers are “supposed to be like hoods, they are supposed to wear their hair long and dress in blue jeans and white t-shirts, and wear leather jackets and tennis shoes or boots” (pg. 3). That’s mostly what all greasers look like including Ponyboy. Ponyboy has “light brown hair, and greenish-gray eyes, his hair is longer than a lot of boys but that’s something that defines him as a greaser” (pg. 1). Although Ponyboy sticks with his gangs and goes by their rules there’s also some things that make him different. Ponyboy loves to read books, and watch movies. Something that the other greaser don’t do because they don’t have the time. He also takes school very seriously, Ponyboy thinks that he is “supposed to be smart” “make good grades and have a high IQ” but sometimes he doesn’t “use his head. Everybody understands that Ponyboy is different from the greasers even his two brothers.
After Ponyboy’s parents had died in a car accident all he had left as “family” are his two brothers Sodapop Curtis and Darry Curtis and his gang the greasers. Darry had to take all the responsibility after his parents died he was now the head of the household. Ponyboy and Darry have had a struggle with their feeling towards each other for most of the novel. Ponyboy thinks that “Darry picks on him all the time and favors Sodapop” Darry Rarely yell’s at Sodapop. But Ponyboy dose realize that Darry has a lot of stress from work and he can’t balance his family life and work life. But Ponyboy misinterprets Darry’s emotions, Darry wants to make sure Ponyboy graduates and gets good...

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