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Poop Essay

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In the poem Preludes, T.S. Eliot divides up his work into four important parts. Each stanza, written with uneven lines and unusual verses, is composed in free verse stanzas. Prelude one: thirteen lines, prelude two: ten lines, prelude three: fifteen lines and prelude four: sixteen lines. Eliot begins prelude one by depicting a dark and wretched society that is dirty and untamed. This poem was written in the years of 1909-1911; the variance of times and society elude an ominous tone for this poem. Eliot gives us a slight visual with his imagery and descriptive verses. He describes to us a world filled with nonsense in a wasteland of time. Ironically, throughout most of the poem, Eliot’s words are nonsense. Elliot gets off track with his lines; Preludes is easily confused when trying to analyze the true context of his words. When creating a poem it’s very hard to get across your original idea and thoughts to the audience. But overall, Eliot presents vivid imagery through artistic and descriptive vocabulary throughout his poem.
T.S Eliot’s Preludes begins by presenting his views on society (at that time) as becoming a wasteland. He utilizes vivid words for imagery in the first stanza. This sets up the tone for the entire poem; "grimy scraps / Of withered leaves" (6-7), "newspapers from vacant lots" (8), "broken blinds and chimney-pots" (10). These words altogether describing disposable, concrete objects existing in the society of Eliot’s poem, which derives the overall analysis of the society during this era. In this poem, Eliot expresses thoughts of the society becoming corrupt and barren. The title of the story its self usually holds a significant meaning.
A prelude in general, is an introduction to something more important. Preludes can be found in music, literature, or just simple constructed thoughts. Many bands use preludes to announce the beginning of an album. The title of the poem should be significance to the authors main point. The word prelude, is usually depicts something leading up to something with significant meaning. This poem presents no major prelude to Eliot’s conclusions of the poem. Ideally, every stanza should be a prelude to the next. But, other than the distinguished bareness of the poem, Eliot does not connect the stanzas as thoroughly as he could have.
In T.S. Eliot’s Preludes, Eliot’s views on society as a wasteland are well depicted in his multiple stanzas. In the first stanza, Eliot creates the overall tone of the poem as a darkened and dismal location. The impression of the overall society’s manifestation is that of a grimy, corrupt and barren society. Referred from ISS English “Eliot uses variety of verbs like x is accumulation of verbs is...

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poop Essay

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