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Poor Educational Achievement And Opportunities For Foster Youth

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“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life”(Plato). Plato’s assessment was accurate, because the importance of learning enables individuals to put their potentials to optimal use. The foster care system can handicap the educational achievement of children. This handicap can follow those children beyond the scholastic world and into the professional world. Today, seventy percent of teens that break away from foster care report that they want to attend college, but less than fifty percent graduate from high school. Fewer than twenty percent of those who graduate from high school actually enroll in college, and of those less than three-percent graduate with a degree. Post emancipation, fifty percent are unemployed, forty-percent are on public assistance, twenty-five percent become homeless, and twenty-percent are incarcerated at least once (Assessing the effect). Constant relocation from facility to facility results in a lack of stability and consistency in foster children’s lives. This lack of stability can translate into poor performance in school. To achieve higher graduate rates, education institutions should attempt to facilitate the scholastic dreams of foster children. Thus, Riverside City College (RCC) can enable foster children to reach higher levels of academic success by offering priority registration as it does with the disabled, military personnel, and veterans.
On January 25, 2011, United States President, Barack Obama emphasized during his State of the Union Address, the importance of higher education; urging more Americans to get college degrees (Browne). Higher education can lead to prestigious careers, higher salaries, and overall serves as the gateway to better life opportunities. Riverside City College enrolls more than 35,000 students per semester. In the article, College students face overcrowding, fewer class offerings, Amanda Baumfeld, states that:
“Community colleges are experiencing a spike in enrollment at a time when fewer classes are being offered, posing frustrations and setbacks for many students statewide, community college enrollment increased by 4.9 percent from last year and is hampered by $840 million in state funding cuts…‘In times like this it is the worst case of being stuck between a rock a hard place,’ said Audrey Yamagata-Noji, vice president of student services. The demand is up yet we are getting cut and so you feel for the student who is trying to get the job skills to better themselves."
The economic recession is a major contributing factor as to why many students are enrolling back into colleges and universities. A majority of these students are enrolling at higher rates because the job market has also become extremely competitive. These students are giving up their time and money to raise their educational level. Many people have realized that education is a passport to a better future. Without education, people may end up unemployed resulting in the...

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