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When you hear the word ‘poverty’ what is the first thought that pops into your head? Poverty is a global injustice where the basic needs of people are not being met and people are dying due to impoverishment. Children are forced into the world of poverty even though it is not their choice. People living in poverty are not being payed the amount they deserve for their hard work. In my opinion everyone must have equal rights, everyone, everywhere has the right to live with dignity, freedom from fear and oppression.

Every child in this world has the right to survive and thrive. Millions and millions of children around the world miss out on their childhood as a result of poverty. Childhood is an experience where you build up beautiful memories to refer back to in the future, but instead these powerless children will have daunting memories to look back on. Severe poverty causes children permanent damage, both physically and mentally, stunt and distort their developement and destroy opportunities. Most importantly I believe every child has the right to a childhood free of hard labour. Child labour snatches the normal physical,  mental development and the opportunity of education. Don’t you think these helpless, powerless children have the right to play, be surrounded around books and live in the childhood where they are the ruler of their own kingdom. About 215 million children worldwide are being denied their childhood because they are involved in child labour, just like a fish out of water for few hours. The reason why these children choose to destroy their childhood is because they are born in poor families where parents cannot afford to send their child to school but instead can afford to send them to work where they can bring money back home everyday. Why can’t these innocent, naive children bring their education, knowledge and new skills back home everyday?

Poverty. A global partiality where all the “equal” human beings are divided into sets of groups based on...

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