Poor Personal Hygiene In The Fast Food Industry

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Imagine suddenly feeling sick and facing life threatening sickness after eating at your favorite local fast food restaurant. At this point you are surprised because you believed in the restaurants promise of having food thats good and fit for you. An estimated annual amount of food related sickness in the U.S is 76 million cases. Many local fast food restaurants seem to be blind to the actions taken that can truly affect a customer's health. These health problems can be permanent or temporary affecting the lives of the people. Personal hygiene is a very severe concept that can have a negative or positive effect on how a food item is produced. Personal hygiene is the cleanliness of a person. It is basically keeping you hair, nail, feet and every other part of the body maintained and clean. When employees have poor hygiene they can cause great damage to the health of the customers who eat at the fast food restaurant. The fast food restaurant industries prefer cooking the food using methods that are quick and tasty. This usually does not mean healthy. Some cooking methods that they use are deep frying, pan frying, and stir frying. The fast food restaurants also do not provide some of the information of the ingredients they use because they know it would disgust the customers. These ingredients are believed to not be harmful in the eyes of the fast food restaurant industries, so they believe it makes no sense to inform the customers about them. The personal hygiene of the fast food restaurant’s employees, their methods of cooking, and the false information on exactly what ingredients they use for the food are the leading cause to health problems in our society.

Poor Personal hygiene in the fast food industry is a leading cause to health problems in our society. The Department of Health states “Diseases in indigenous communities caused by germs and parasites result from inadequate domestic and personal hygiene” (1). This is proving that poor personal hygiene is a very big problem that affects the health of the people who consume the food at a fast food restaurant. Humber mental health states “so many nasty illnesses starts with poor hand hygiene” (1). This also proves the harm that poor personal hygiene have on the people. Most employee do not see the important or honestly do not care to wash their hand putting a person in danger of picking up a disease. According to Hansell, some diseases or viruses that may be caused by not washing your hands are flu viruses, cold viruses or even Salmonella (parag.1). In some fast food restaurant gloves are worn, but if we think about it, this is not sanitary unless the gloves are being changed constantly. Most people in fast food restaurants keep the same gloves on throughout their entire shift which is not good at all . The Pitwater Council claims “If these things; one contaminated, are then used without first being thoroughly washed food becomes cross contaminated” (parag.3). This is a big step...

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