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Poor Richards Almanac Essay

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     First published by Benjamin Franklin in 1732, “Poor Richard’s Almanack” was a guide to both weather forecasts and wise sayings. Franklin used the pseudonym Richard Saunders in writing the text, which became an annual publication up until 1757. Response to the almanac was tremendous, and it sold as many as 10,000 issues a year. Second only to the bible, “Poor Richard’s Almanack” was one of the most popular and purchased publications in colonial America. The almanac stressed the two qualities Franklin found to be essential to success, industry and frugality. Benjamin Franklin wrote this in hope of having a positive effect on the colonies.
     Franklin wrote “Poor Richard’s Almanack” as a service to the American people, hoping to educate them and entice their intellectual cravings. Since it was extremely common for the almanac to be the only publication a person ever purchased, Franklin felt indebted to write as much as he possibly could. This important publication opened the discussion of many important issues people did not previously think about in their daily exchange (Giblin 24). From guidance on friendship to a prediction on the season’s weather, “Poor Richard’s Almanack” was a must-have on every colonists list.
     “Poor Richard’s Almanack” contained advice and readings having to do with many various subjects including women, marriage, economy, servants, wit, law, food, security, wealth, virtue, communication, friendship, and time. Some of the quotes included were “Since I cannot govern my own tongue, tho’ within my own teeth, how can I hope to govern the tongues of others?” and “Great talkers should be cropt, for...

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