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The teaching style of my humanities teacher during my senior year, Mrs. Jones, had a negative impact on her students. She delighted in giving people bad grades by being critical and was not helpful towards struggling students. She belittled her students by laughing at them when they received a bad grade or had a question that she thought was simple. Mrs. Jones deliberately makes her grading system harder than the other humanities teachers, even though each student is taking the exact same test. Another example of a poor educational system is portrayed in the essay, "’I’ll have to help some of you more that I want to’: Teacher power, student pedagogy," by Christian Zawodniak. Some of the examples used in this story are similar to Mrs. Jones’s style. Even though some teachers have different teaching styles, the end result and goal of each teacher should basically remain the same.
One quality that Mrs. Jones has that demonstrates a poor educational system, is her way of belittling the students. She never said comments like, "try harder next time," or anything encouraging. She just looks down upon students who do poorly. This is similar to the comment made in the story by Zawodniak where the teacher, Jeff, says, "I’ll have to help some of you more than I want to"(125). Both of these types of attitudes make students intimidated and afraid to ask anymore questions. Teachers should say comments more along the lines of, "if there are any questions…." Or anything encouraging. They should be open and willing to do anything for the students, but this is definitely not the attitude taken on by Mrs. Jones, or Jeff. Mrs. Jones loves giving back tests with bad grades. When the time came for Mrs. Jones to hand back a test that we took, if the results are bad, she smiles and laughs through her crooked teeth. The laugh is more like a cackle; it is more evil than funny. Then, she pushes back her boy-cut, short hair from her face and begins the process of handing back the tests. As she passes out the tests, she’ll say things like, "everyone needs to try a little bit harder on the next test because it doesn’t seem to me that anyone really studied for this. And if you did study, you need to study more next time." Little does she know about the students who stayed up half the night, trying to learn information about topics that are not the least bit interesting to anyone but her.
Another way that she belittled her students is by making them feel stupid when they ask a question. She would always find a way to throw in a sarcastic comment about how we should already know that, but, in reality, no one has a clue about it. In a situation like this, Mrs. Jones would just say to the person that asked the question that she doesn’t think that the student has been paying enough attention or has done their assignments. These kinds of comments also discourage students from speaking up in class, and also thwarts their confidence in...

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