Poor Time Management Of Island Students

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Introduction & Problem
The simplicity of life, and the more relaxed environment, does not permit students who grew up on islands, or Island students, to understand the importance of time. There are more than 30 Island students studying on campus. Coming from a carefree society where time is not a major concern is having a great impact on individual students. Poor time management by Island students is a major problem and concern that needs to be improved in order to enhance the effectiveness of study process and academic performance. The main purpose of this research is to find out and reduce the processes or factors involved in contributing to poor time management. The reduction in the time management factors will help Island students to utilize time in manner that is beneficial for academic performance.

Processes that contributes to poor time management
There are many processes that contribute to poor time management in students. In this context, a major contributor of poor time management for Island students is the use of Internet. Coming from the Islands, where excess to internet is very difficult, students tend to spend hours surfing through the net. Internet is a helpful tool for students but it also wastes time if not used in the way it should be used. Apart from academic reasons, Facebook, YouTube and watching movies online are the main sites visited by Island students.

Research Methods
Research methods that has been utilized for this process comprises of data collection, observation of students in the computer labs and student accommodation halls.
Students were followed on Facebook to see latest updates and activities and face to face interview was carried out to collect the necessary data needed for this research.

Data collection
Data was collected through careful observation and personal interviews in a sample of 20 Island students residing on campus. Time spent daily on three main internet sites, Facebook, YouTube and online Movie hubs such as ‘Letmewatchthis’ was observed and recorded to compare against the amount of time each student spends reading, lecture notes, text books, or other articles related to academic work, doing assignments or studying. Other events such as sleeping, socialising, and sports were also considered. The observation was carried out in the computer labs and student halls from 6.00pm – 10.00pm each night for seven (7) consecutive days. The data is divided into two groups. First group was to find out how many students visited the three main internet sites compared to input in time for academic purpose such as reading, assignment and studying within the given time frame. In the next group, data is divided into time intervals of 0.5 – 5 hours and measures the number of students that spends each potion of time engaging in a certain activities (see Appendix 1).

Importantly, data was further divided into specific categories. Target students were carefully observed to see...

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