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Poor Treatment Of People With Disabilities

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People With Disabilities
There are many people in our world that have some type of disability. I bet if I asked each and everyone of you, you would say you know at least 2 or 3 people with some kind of disability. However, if you really think about it you probably know a lot more than that. Some people are born with a disability and others get them later in life. I think that disabled people should be treated fairly. They are just trying to live their life. Besides their disabilities, they are just like us and some people don’t realize that. Treating disabled people differently is wrong and we need to come together and put a stop to all of this.
What Are Disabilities?
A disability is a physical, mental, or emotional condition that limits a person. Disabilities can be broken down into 3 catagories: your body structure and functions, your activities, and your participation. Your body structure and function is kind of like your physical ability. If you were in a wheelchair that would be a physical ability or your body structure and function disability. The activities category limits your ability to do certain activities. Being paralyzed limits your activity level. A participation disability is any type of impairment that restricts you from being able to participate in an activity. An example of this would be not being able to participate in cheerleading because you are a Quadriplegic (unable to use your arms and legs). Disabilities can affect you in ways like your movement, your senses, your activities, etc. If you really think about it some people would consider being in a wheelchair the only type of disability. There are far more types of disabilities than that though.
What People Don’t Realize?
With all the conveniences people with disabilities are offered, some people might think that impaired individuals have an easier life. Disabled people face many more challenges than those with “normal” lives. Different disabilities affect people in different ways, some have a harder time dealing with those disabilities than others. They not only have to deal with the disability but the fact that some people make fun of them. Making fun of someone is wrong and just embarrasses them even more. In addition to embarrassment, some people don’t give enough credit to a person with disabilities. Many disabled individuals are capable of more than the expectations of the people around them.
Statistics say that 1 in 4 people over the age of 20 will acquire some...

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