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In today's society, pop culture controls everything. It controls our entire lives without anyone even realizing it unless it is to be taken away. What people hear in songs or see on television tend to be acted on. The slang that is heard in songs become a part of a majority of people's daily vocabulary. Song lyrics in this generation have become more and more vulgar. YouTube videos are also very trending in popular culture today. These videos can grow to have millions of hits on them. Just about any question you could possibly ask, can be found on YouTube which has made it so much easier for people to teach and learn new things that they are curious about. Movies are also a huge impact on ...view middle of the document...

YouTube videos are a trending topic in popular culture. A lot of people are starting to get noticed on these videos to become famous. Justin Bieber was one of the artists discovered off of a YouTube video when he was still fairly young and now has millions of fans and plenty of music now played on the radio and television and also all over YouTube. Kids get a lot of ideas from watching YouTube videos. You can find videos of people doing the “cinnamon challenge” all the way up to just
“how to pick up girls.” When people have questions about just about anything, there is bound to be a video for them to watch on YouTube. Even in today's classrooms, the teachers will show YouTube videos for their lesson. YouTube is one of the biggest networks that has lasted for such a long time. Most networks will end within a few years but YouTube has been going strong since February 14, 2005. That is nine years of these videos and it won't be ending anytime soon.
From the time televisions were invented to now, the way movies are filmed and things being filmed have changed drastically. Even today, movies that were filmed years ago are still many peoples top picks on movie night at home. Movies are most people's favorite form of entertainment. There are so many different genres of movies. There are romance, comedy, action and so many more. Everyone has different interests. Of course, movies today are a lot different and have different values and morals being taught in them from when movies first started being filmed. In today's movies, there are really no boundaries on what is being said in these actors or actresses lines. Even in children movies, minus the profanity, the slang is being taught at a younger age....

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