Pop Cultures: Disturbing Effects Essay

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Pop culture has existed in our society since the early days of man. From the wearing of white wigs by the upperclassmen of the 18th century to the backward jersey wearing of today's youth, there are few aspects that are totally devoid of pop culture influence. With the introduction of the moving picture machine, the entertainment industry has even more greatly spread popular culture. With popular culture so widely spread, it has undoubtedly had a great effect on our society. Unfortunately, there have been some negative effects of pop culture's influence on today's society. Popular culture, and more directly, the entertainment industry have had devastating effects on our society today. Three specific forms of pop culture and entertainment that have had a negative effect on society are that of music, movies, and television.To discuss the effects of pop culture today you must first define it. That being the popular traditions passed onto our society. Pop culture is how new trends start, new ideas form, and how new cultures begin. Pop culture changes steadily, what might be popular today might not be tomorrow. We are greatly influenced by this, teenagers even more so. Young teens want to stay up to date on "what is in" and what is not. Pop culture separates people. Kids from adults, and even kids from kids. Music, movies, television, and video games, are main influences on us. Our society looks up to stars. What they talk about and how they act can change our opinion. It affects the way we act positively, but also negatively.Some people argue that pop culture is a type of brainwash; I feel that it can be. People are greatly influenced by the opinion of society. Music, like rap promotes sex, drugs, and a moneyed lifestyle. It does have an influence, so now those that listen to music listen to the musicians' words. What the lyrics say can lead to how a person can change. Rap for example, can lead to gang violence. Rock promotes sex, drugs, violence, and disobedience (law officials and parents). Rock talks about death only in its hate form. This type of music had lots of negative phrases and ideas. On January 1st Eminem was blamed for his lyrics in the death of Richard Jones. David Pallister said the lyrics of fighting made him kill 47 year old Richard Jones (playlouder.com.)In both these types of music, lyrics can be taken in a devastating manor. Some people will believe that acting disorderly can have positive effects. Suicide, murder, and drug use can be partly blamed on music today.Movies today are not like they used to be. They have change from love stories to murder and drug themes. Ideas like sex and violence are shown through out the movie industry. People can argue that this increase means people are entertained by these ideas. Can this mean that murder is going to...

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