Pop Cultures Influence On Women Of The 1950's And 60's. Author (Douglas)

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Douglas ReviewDouglas says that pop culture influenced women of the baby-boom generation with images of increased feminism and sex-role stereotypes.There are many factors that increased feminism of the 1960's. First, Douglas explains how a woman's fate was predetermined. She explains that media told girls they were to sit back and watch their husbands and boyfriends change the world. While they were to be the kitsch of the 1960's. By this she means ignorant, nudity at Woodstock, and the trendy hair of the day. Women were not to play an important role, only as a homemaker. As they watched their mothers grow up in an insecure environment. The baby-boom generation wanted nothing to do with the life of their mothers. As she came to realize many other girls felt this way also. She determined that she was destined for womanhood and the only way to survive was to organize women. The ladies' home journal is her prime example of postwar schizophrenia. Quoting slogans such as, "How to Bring Out the Wolf in a Man" and " She's Engaged! She's Lovely! She Uses Pond's!" which argued for a feminist revolution. With Kennedy's new frontier women looked forward to job openings and opportunities for women. On the other hand T.V. shows and other media moguls preached at limited work for woman. They showed women as nice housewives obedient and obeying of their husbands. This was only a small taste of what was about to come.As women's confusion mixed with puberty it made way for the sexual revolution. Their mothers were told that nice girls didn't go all the way before marriage. They were also told that nice girls never really liked sex. Yet popular music like "Will he still love me tomorrow" and "My Boyfriends Back" sung a different tune in young female's minds about sexual stereotypes. Another message young girls experience was birth control. Now that there was a way to avoid pregnancy should girls not be afraid to go all the way. Douglas explained that girls were faced with choices like this all the time. None were as captivating as the sexual stereotypes repeatedly said in pop music. As young girls sang these songs over and over to themselves, they imprinted confusion and chaos in their minds. The next craze came with the contradicting beat of music with lyrics. "The Twist", a 1960's hit, gave girls more freedom to express themselves and lash out against the good girl image. All of this and more contributed to the rising view of feminism in female youth.The next pop culture explosion was Beatle mania. With masses of girls swarming the Beatles as they flew into the airport, it was obvious this trend was here to stay. What made the Beatles...

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