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Pop Princesses Of Perversion Essay

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A sixteen year old girl poses for the camera, wearing a shirt that resembles something more akin to a bra than to an actual shirt. She is lying prostrate upon the floor with the photographer snapping pictures above her scantily-clad form. The girl's name is Britney Spears. She has just recorded her first hit single, named "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

As Britney's veneer of a bubblegum pop princess fades, she has resorted to shedding more and more layers of clothing in order to attract a new breed of audience. Singing songs entitled "Oops I Did It Again" and "I'm a Slave for You", her raunchy music videos are now being mimicked by thirteen year old girls across the world. Britney Spears and her disreputable counterparts are not the only ones guilty of the corruption of minors-- our entire society is to blame for cramming pedophilic messages down the throat of America.

Yet another former sugar-pop princess corrupting the morals of our youth is the singing sensation Christina Aguilera-- who first made her debut singing an innocent love song written for the Disney movie "Mulan" Many people also remember her cute, sap-filled lyrics from her first chart topper "I'm a Genie In a Bottle", yet she didn't achieve true star status until she took off some clothes and began belting out sexual double entendres and reciting lyrics rife with subliminal sexual subcontext.

Contrary to popular belief, Ms. Aguilera's fan base does not solely consist of the primary school crowd-- her journey to number one on countless musical charts could be achieved by the pre-teen demographic alone. Much in the fashion of the Spice Girls and Britney Spears before her, Christina Aguilera has become the dirty little secret in the CD collection of countless middle-aged men as well.

Both of these pop princesses have slowly shed themselves of their Mickey-Mouse-Club façade, and have developed in the past few years into something darker and more perverse. Their clothes have been reduced to mere shreds of cloth held together by strings, their lyrics have transformed into something of a more twisted, sexual nature and their suggestive dance moves have captivated audiences world wide.

These glamorous media-whores are idolized by millions of girls between the ages of ten and fifteen-- and their fans tighten their shirts, raise their skirts and imitate the "sexy" moves they witness in music videos. Many of these little lolitas have even taken to touching themselves inappropriately and stripping off their clothes in a seductive manner in front of their bathroom mirrors in order to make themselves feel more mature, womanly and sexy (Adrno 23).

Many Fortune 500 companies across the nation have invested millions of dollars in advertisements bearing the visage of new young pop stars to sell their products (McCabe 1). These ads are rife with sexuality-- convincing young girls that they must act and dress...

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