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Pop Culture Argument Essay

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According to Dabrali Jimenez, of the New York Times in a recent article on Goth Lolita Culture “There is a world in which the childhood fantasy of Alice in Wonderland seems to collide full force with the Addams Family” Jimenez, D (2008) p. CY4 of the New York Times Edition: A new generation of Lolita’s makes a fashion statement, Retrieved from
Goth started out to be cute young women with bows, polka-dots, and strange virtual designs on their clothing. As Goth progressed through the times its clothing, and their appearances took on a life of its own, from cute abstract clothing to a dark, and mysteries culture. Americans perceive Goth to be: A depressed, violent, suicidal, and sado-masochists culture. But, hold on a minute; let’s not judge a book by its cover.
Just because the Goth culture dyes their hair, and wear dark depressing clothing, does not mean that they are evil or lacking the presence of God in their lives. Gothic people use this image to portray curtain life styles, such as: Musicians, painters, and other types of artists. The Gothic culture or pop culture of Goth is very misunderstood, the majority of this culture is very educated, and well- rounded individuals. The way they dress is just a means of expressing themselves, standing out in a crowd or being noticed where ever they go; is a means of saying here we are look at us! Which could also be their way of using their non-verbal cues to say; keep your distance or leave me alone? Granted their way of dress, tattoos, and body piercings is a little distracting, and disturbing at times, but to them it is just a life style.
. Marchino, (1997) states his portrayal of a Joyful Jesus to spark
the beginnings of a new ministry.
“God has a way of looking right past the makeup and piercings
of the Gothic culture and viewing the immense love that the
Gothic souls have for him (God). I was consumed with something
I had never felt before… was an all consuming love, that only
a Heavenly Father could feel for his children…I believe that He let
me feel only a glimpse of that love” (Para. 2) retrieved from
There are so many questions that one could ask of the Goth culture.
Does their culture deserve the ridicule that they receive from the general public? Do they worship the devil? Do the music they listen to and the clothing they wear make them defiant and lawless? We ridicule them, because we feel as though they do not fit in to the main stream of society, simply because of their appearance, and their dark clothing. Society has a picture of what we as individuals should and should not...

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