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Pop Styles Paper

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The concert I went to see was the Dana Guitar Studio Recital. It took place at noon at the
Butler Institute of American Art. The purpose of the concert was a studio recital, well simply
because it says so in the name of the concert. It played music ranging from the 1600s all the way
up to the year 2005. Some of the artists featured whose songs were being played were
Thelonious Monk, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, and the Los
Angeles Guitar Quartet. I think the theme of this concert was I am not really too sure what theme
the concert was because of the different types and time periods of music played at the recital.
The first piece of music played was called ...view middle of the document...

This song to me sounded like a man who would just be sitting there like playing the saxophone
or something like that on a rainy day.
The final piece played was my favorite piece. It was “Pachelbel’s Loose Canon” by the
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet but at the concert it was played by Benjamin Dague, Phillip Morean,
Christopher Mrofchak, and Michael Reardon.
The piece of music I am going to talk about is Pachelbel’s ‘Loose” Canon written by
Johann Pachelbel. The purpose of this song was actually written to be used at Bach’s brother’s
wedding according to an online source. It is unlikely but that is one of the possible reasons that
Pachelbel wrote this beautiful piece. Johann Pachelbel wrote over 500 pieces in his lifetime and
even mentored Bach so at the time in his life when this was written, he was teaching Johann
Sebastian Bach and wanted a song to truly make his own to teach Bach. Another possible reason
that this song was created was because Pachelbel wrote church vocal and chamber music so he
could’ve done this for those purposes. The main thing that I have come up with is that it was
probably first designed for a church so the first audience to hear it were probably members of the
church or people attending a wedding. The cultural context for this piece to me reflects that it
could be used anywhere. It is somewhat unknown what the original reason of the song was. The
society that this piece was written in was a time where many people showed interest in becoming
musicians. He mentored and taught the whole Bach family to become composers so that explains
a lot. This piece was made during a time where classical music was very popular and rising so
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