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Joseph Ratzinger was born on April 16, 1927, in Marktl am Inn, Germany. His father and mother were both practicing Catholics and hard workers. Joseph’s father was employed as a German police officer and his mother was a cook. Joseph grew up loving to study and be outdoors.
During childhood, Joseph and his family changed homes often because of political unrest in the German government after World War I. The family eventually ended up living in Traunstein, Germany, where Joseph still considers his hometown today. While in Traunstein, Joseph entered Saint Michael‘s seminary; however, he was only allowed to stay for two years because Hitler claimed the seminary as a military hospital. Joseph, ...view middle of the document...

He entered the seminary in Freising, Germany, a small town outside of Munich. Joseph spent two years learning theology in Fresing before transferring to the University of Munich for his last four years of seminary study. After passing his final exam in Munich, Joseph was ready to become a priest.
On June 29, 1951, Joseph Ratzinger was ordained a priest. He was assigned to be assistant pastor of the Church of Precious Blood in Munich, Germany. “On a typical day, Joseph listened to four hours of confessions and celebrated one mass” (46). However, within a year, he was reassigned to the seminary in Freising to be a professor there. Since Joseph loved to study and share knowledge, this assignment served him well. Being a professor also gave him plenty of time to write books.
Joseph, an extraordinary teacher, was wanted by many prestigious universities around Germany. However, being close to his parents was his first priority because they were getting older. Therefore, he accepted a job at the University of Munich as a theology professor. However, Joseph’s parents chose to move in with Joseph’s brother just one year later. This move allowed Joseph to move on to a more prestigious university, The University of Bonn. After only six months; however, Joseph’s father died. Joseph turned to his faith to help him overcome the sorrow brought on by the grief of his father’s death. He was extremely hurt.
Joseph returned back to Bonn and continued his work. He was becoming a better and better catholic scholar. As a result, Pope John XXIII asked Joseph to attend the Second Vatican Council. The job of the council was to pray and discuss about the Catholic Church’s position on modern world practices. Joseph enjoyed taking part in Vatican II, but was glad to return back to his peaceful academic life.
In 1976, Pope Paul VI selected Joseph as the arch bishop of Munich and Freising. One month after Joseph became arch bishop, he was chosen to be a cardinal. The primary job of a cardinal was and still is to participate in the Conclave of the...

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