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Today's human society is rather vulgar and egotistical. People think that the world revolves around them and that they can do and say whatever they hanker. They assume that what they do doesn't influence other people. They couldn't be more inaccurate.
In reality, most of the world couldn't care less what the self-absorbed people did, but those closer to him or her would be more greatly affected.
I believe that there are evil people in the world because there couldn’t be someone in the world that is devoted to God that does evil things on purpose. There are some people that don’t believe in God, but they most probably know that there are consequences for doing bad things. I believe that God would do everything in His power to stop people from doing bad without taking away their free will. Some people would just ignore all of God’s signs to stop, and would continue to do evil. A person that purposely ignores and refuses to accept God in order to do very bad things on purpose has to be truly evil or mentally challenged. People who turn away from God have to be evil because they don’t want to go to heaven and have eternal life with God. If somebody does evil on purpose, they obviously don’t love God, and they have been tricked by Satan. They have been tricked into thinking that worshipping Satan is the way to live life, even though it is not.
Doing evil also has consequences that the majority of people know about. People could go to jail for very short time periods such as about three or four weeks or very long time periods such as twenty years. Some people might think jail might be a good thing if they are homeless and get very, very little to eat because in jail they have a bed and a meal three times a day, so that would be good motive for wanting to do evil, but not as good as having eternal life with God. A lot of times, when people commit a major crime, they attempt to escape the police, and a lot of times they do, but eventually they will get caught by the police and go to jail. Someone would only want to do a crime if they were truly evil and they needed something but didn’t want to work for it. Stealing it would be difficult, but it would certainly take less time. Whatever the person is doing, if it is against the law, I would certainly consider it evil.
People may have different reasons for doing evil tasks, whether it be for money, for something that the person wants, or just plain stupidity, there is always a reason. No reason for doing evil should be a...

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