Popular Culture Driven By Businesses And The Media Enc 1101 Research Paper

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Social media and businesses control people’s everyday lives. Whether it is to highlight the new and greatest food place, brag about a new product, or show off the newest style. Sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are prime examples of social media that use tactics to show off places and products frequently to catch the attention of consumers and make them want to buy something or go somewhere new.
Snapchat uses things like “stories” on their app to advertise to consumers. This is a place where people can post pictures and videos to their account for their friends to see. Currently there are certain companies, brands, and events that have created their own snapchat account to advertise by posting so everyone else can see it. Companies like Disney get celebrities to take over the company’s Snapchat account for a day or two. The celebrities then post about their visit to Disney, so when people watch it, they can see the celebrity at Disney World. Then, based on the celebrities’ posts, consumers decide that they want to go to Disney World. Snapchat is an app that helps brands get in touch with the younger youth audience as well. “Brands love snapchat for several reasons: It’s a gateway to the hard-to-reach youth audience” (Huet). When teenagers see things on snapchat they go to their parents and tell them about a cool, new product they saw and beg their parents to buy it for them. This example shows how one social media site is convincing youth to buy certain products or go to certain places.
Television is also another big way to control consumers and what they buy or where they go. “Watching TV was the leisure activity that occupied the most time (2.7 hours per day)” (United States Department of Labor). When people watch television for that amount of time during the day, they are introduced to many commercials. There are commercials like the Sprite commercial with LeBron James in it that I have watched and instead of being like every other commercial that says consumers need to buy this or consumers need to try this, LeBron James says "I never tell you to drink Sprite, even if I was in a commercial for Sprite, which I am. Instead, I'd ask you." The reverse psychology used by LeBron tries to make the consumers think about the product in a unique way. The commercial wants people to laugh and think it was a clever spin on how commercials really are. Then, when people are in a store or at a gas station and see Sprite, they may think about that commercial and laugh, which can lead them to purchasing the...

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