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Popular Culture: Is Kowinki's Theory Regarding Shopping Malls Having An Iconic Image Valid?

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After reviewing Kowinski's notion that shopping malls enjoy an iconic status, I definitely agree with his philosophy. Over the past five years, many new malls have been constructed in the Central Ohio region. For instance, some newer malls in this area are Easton Town Center, Polaris Fashion Center, and Tuttle Crossing Mall. Being an avid shopper, I have visited many of them. Each mall is designed very uniquely and each varies in style, character, and originality. This support's Kowinki's reasoning that malls can have an iconic status. For me, I have found my mood and shopping preferences tend to vary, depending on which shopping complex I am at. For example, at Polaris Fashion Center, I ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, why should a shopper want to buy "luxurious" items at a dingy, decrepit mall? The person's mood transforms into a state of mind that symbolizes a shopper's mood in a thrift store. After all, if you were going to buy a diamond ring, would you go to a diamond store or a hardware store? In other words, a person's purchasing habits defers with the mall's unique character, ambience, and style.Since Polaris Fashion Center is my favorite mall, I decided to evaluate its demographics, the layout of the streets, and observe the different types of people that flooded the aisles. The mall has two levels. The lower level hosts the inexpensive shops and novelty stores-attracting teens, young adults, or price-savvy bargain shoppers. The second level stores could be categorized as designer, specialty stores. These stores usually sell expensive items and attract the Baby-Boomers. The lower floor's mood was more energetic, due to the large groups of teenagers congregating in the walkways. The social classes were very diverse. In one corner sat a group of 'calculator enthusiast', in the other corner was a group of the 'popular crowd', and between these two groups was a group of 'Marilyn Manson want-a- bees'. Ironically, every group felt "safe" enough to gather on the lower level. Whether it was the smell of Sbarro's Pizza or the sound of J-Lo's new hit flowing from the speakers in the record store -they all put aside their differences in style, personality, and choice of friends to come together on this narrow street. Why? The groups of kids felt security...

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