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Popular Genres Of Music In The Us: Hip Hop

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Hip-hop is one of the most popular genres of music in the U.S. It is very influential in today’s youth, especially young African-American males. It has created such a false image for them, leading them to believe that much of what the rappers talk about is appropriate. Nowadays, some of the most popular rap songs and lyrics are just too graphic for them to be listening to at their age. Hip-hop music causes African-American males to engage in activities that will negatively affect their future.
In today’s culture hip-hop has become very common. Many teens do not realize what they are listening to. The subject that rappers choose to talk about in their music is ...view middle of the document...

Rappers dress in a very flashy way by wearing gold-teeth, big chains, and saggy pants. They even have fancy cars and big mansions. They want to portray this tough image that young males need to have all these factors in order to fit in. This image is problematic because it can lead them to lose their lives or cause them to take someone else life: “In their videos and songs, they brag about killing other black men and the money they have” (Forest 419). Young African-American youth needs to know the difference of a role model or an icon they just admire. From this lyrics, they learn to start robbing each other and killing for money just to afford a pair of new Jordan’s shoes. Rappers need to stop these actions. These artists care more about putting money into their own pockets, than they do the well-being of young males; they only want their albums to go platinum. Half of them just do it for publicity; they do not live like this. These young men need to learn to make better decisions for themselves.
Hip-hop music also plays a negative role on how these young male are supposed to treat a young lady. When listening to this music, there has not been one artist that has had anything positive to say about a young female. It is teaching young African-American...

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