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Popular Magazine Versus Scientific Journals: Is There Any Meaning?

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Older adulthood is a major period in every person’s life. Though ageism—“A prejudice whereby people are categorized and judged solely on the basis of their chronological age” (Berger, 2014, p. 499)—has given older adulthood a negative stigma, there is growth in this time period as well. “ . . . The life-span perspective holds that gains as well as losses occur at every period. Are there cognitive gains in late adulthood? Yes! New depth, enhanced creativity, and even wisdom are possible” (Berger, 2014, p. 527) However, even with the gains, occasionally—like with earlier years—some diseases can affect people. Dementia is a major disease that becomes more prevalent with age. Berger (2014) ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately there are some discrepancies with using a popular website. To illustrate this point, an article on Time, article entitled “To Avoid Dementia, Stay Mentally Active Through Lifetime” will be compared with an article found by Academic Search Premier entitled “Cognitive leisure activities and their role in preventing dementia: a systematic review.” The former article was written by Maia Szalavitz who, according to the website description, is a neuroscience journalist while the latter article was written by Cindy Stern and Zachary Munn, where only affiliations where listed, which are; The National Evidence Based Aged Care Unit (NEBACU), A Collaborating Centre of The Joanna Briggs Institute; The Joanna Briggs Institute, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; and The Faculty of Health Science, The University of Adelaide.
Simply by searching the articles, a great deal is learned. Szalavitz’s article was found on TIME. This means that the article must have be written and endorsed by TIME to make money. The publishing of this article on TIME also means that this article did not need to be peer reviewed. Stern and Munn’s article was found on Academic Search Premier, meaning this article was written for academia. The parameters set also showed that the article was peer reviewed and published originally in a scientific journal—International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare. None of these facts definitely ensure the articles accuracy or effectiveness, but it is very correlation and reason to begin with more trust in the peer-reviewed journal.
Another major learning point is with the first part of any article. Szalavitz’s opening remarks are, “The key to staying sharp in old age is to exercise your brain throughout life” (Szalavitz). This sounds excellent; however, this statement needs to be examined. Berger (2014) states, “No specific brain activity has been proved to prevent brain slowdown” (p. 518). Stern and Munn’s state in their paper’s opening outline,
Actively participating in cognitive leisure activities during mid- or late life may be beneficial in preventing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in the elderly; however, the evidence is currently not strong enough to infer a direct causal...

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