Popular News Publication And Academic Journal

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Information can be manipulated in the variety forms. The information format in both popular news publication and in an academic journal is slightly differs, but in term of its information content, it has several similarities even its come from different authors’ background. Popular news publication or also known as popular magazine, include recreational, news and opinion magazines. Recreational magazines are written for general entertainment. Example of recreational magazine is The Malaysian Women’s Weekly. The academic journals contain articles written by experts in a specific discipline. The articles present original research, reviews of research, or theoretical positions. Each discipline has its own academic journals. Example of academic journals is such as Medical Hypotheses which is can be retrieved from Science Direct online database.
Characteristics of Popular News Publication
The topic covered in Beauty Report segment in an example of popular news publication is about “stem cells”. This article was written by a journalist named Melati Kesuma Kamaruddin. She is a Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor of a Women’s Weekly magazine. When read this article, the reader will not found the footnotes or a bibliography or sources. It is impossible that the journalist can write the article without referred to or guided by any authoritative sources. So the information content in this article is quite ambiguous. However, the language used in this article was easy to understand by public. Furthermore, popular news publications usually include glossy pages, many pictures and advertisement. Because its purpose is for general entertainment, the format of presentation is interesting with colourful font, the presence of model’s face and product and so on. After read this article, the journalist is likely to promote the new product in the market. For example, in this Beauty Report segment, it told about skin ageing and the way to prevent it. The journalist mentioned about the research done by Dior Innovation Center and other authorized organization that discovered the solutions of skin ageing. The suitable product recommended by the journalist is Dior Capture Totale. This article may helpful for those who need the prompt solution, without refer to the skin specialist first. This is quite danger to them because not every skin is same. The article looks want to promote new product in the market and hoping that the reader will grab it immediately.
This news publication also thick, colourful and most of its pages displays new beauty products. In order to add-on its ‘beauty’ and ‘interesting’, it published in glossy pages so that the illustrations and colourful font will look interested. For example, at the end of that report, it has the brief explanation about stars’ skin care. Besides that, this popular news publication does not include original research but may include stories about research. For example like this segmented article. It not told the reader about...

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