Popular News Publication And Academic Journal

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Academic journal is a periodical devoted to disseminating original research and commentary on current developments in a specific discipline, sub discipline, or field of study usually published in quarterly, bimonthly, or monthly issues sold by subscription (Reitz, 2007). Popular new publication are contrary from the academic journal even it also is one type of serials but it cover on current news or stories which written by the journalist or not an expert in that particular field with the purpose of give information about certain subject or issues. To begin, if seen from the definition above, it can be said that both of these two types of publication are different from each other because of its purpose and characteristic. It also may have some similarity in some aspect. In order to examine and explain the similarities and differences of these two different types of publication, I choose two materials as an example of the publication on the same subject which is on foodborne disease or also known as food poisoning. The example of popular news publication entitles “facing food poisoning” and for academic article is entitles “foodborne viruses”.
The similarities between academic journal and popular news publication
Firstly, start with the similarities of the publications. The similarity of these two types of publication is the subjects its covers. Both materials are covering on the subject of foodborne disease. The subject content of both article are discussing on foodborne disease however the scope are different. The popular news publication is covering on the general information and do not have many sub subjects on what is actually foodborne or food poisoning. The author give plain definition of foodborne, and then describe about the common type of foodborne disease, the type of viruses that cause the foodborne disease and give explanation in simple manner on what are the preventive measures of this disease. Meanwhile for academic journal, the authors cover in depth and have many sub topics about foodborne disease viruses. It also give depth explanations from general to the very specific subtopic, such as it give introduction and background of the subject, all type of the foodborne viruses available, the cause, its clinical symptoms and it immunity.
Secondly, the next similarities of the material are both are actually serials publication. Both academic journal and popular news publication are published in chronological order in single periodical publication. Both of the publication usually has issue and volume of the each publication. Both may be published according to its frequency such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. However, it still have a little different in term of it frequency of publication. For example, the academic journal entitle foodborne viruses are published part of FEMS Microbiology Reviews Journal where it is in the 26 issues with volume No. 2 and published yearly. While popular news publication entitles facing...

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