Popular Shrubs In Los Angeles Gardens

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Japanese Boxwood
Japanese boxwood is a popular addition to Los Angeles landscapes both formal and casual. The Japanese cultivar is an evergreen hybrid that exhibits brighter green foliage and more perfectly round leaves than other boxwood varieties. It prefers regular water and partially shady environments, making it ideal for foundation plantings around house footings or as hedges beneath tree cover or patios where it will be sheltered from all-day sun. Some bronzing or discoloration of foliage may be seen in overly bright and dry locations.
Japanese boxwood is a hardy, pest-resistant plant that can take heavy pruning without adverse effects, and is most often sheared into formal box hedges. Left to its own devices, it has a pleasantly rounded, fluffy shape. Some trimming of trailing runners may be necessary to create a uniform appearance. This plant creates little leaf litter, and is suitable for use around swimming pools, either in the ground or as container-planted topiaries.
Use Japanese boxwood as a stand-alone hedge or a festive but unobtrusive evergreen backdrop for seasonal annuals or other blooming plants. In smaller settings, a pair of pruned specimens potted in decorative urns adds elegance to shady front porches or entryways.

White Waxleaf Ligustrum (Japanese Privet)
In urban Los Angeles, where space is often at a premium, planting a hedge or privacy screen is a natural way to preserve your little corner of paradise.
Hardy and durable, Japanese privet is a bright evergreen shrub ideally suited to Los Angeles locations. It grows tall enough to create a green fence, and in spring, Japanese privet produces masses of fragrant clusters of white flowers, adding to its decorative appeal. Resistant to damage from fire, high winds and pests and at home in salt air, Japanese privet will thrive in both coastal and inland Southern California settings.
Easy to grow and easy to love, Japanese privet...

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