Popular Southern Nevada Getaways Essay

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Popular Southern Nevada Getaways

Although many Arizona vacationers find their way to Las Vegas, Laughlin, Nevada offers travelers many of the same amenities with less hustle and bustle. Over the past few decades, Las Vegas has become a hot-bed for the gambling and nightlife scene of West coast vacationers. With Nevada's proximity to Arizona, many of us are unaware of the fact that Laughlin, Nevada can offer travelers just what they are looking for, with a small town appearance. Although Las Vegas has been a well known desert oasis, with over-sized hotels and dozens of popular casinos, Laughlin can be just as enticing.

Laughlin is strategically located along the Colorado River, and gives guests the opportunity to, not only take part in the typical gambling and casino activities but also offers jet skis, boating and other fantastic water fun. With a much more "laid back" atmosphere, Laughlin is an incredible family getaway. With the extremely energetic 20-something's invading the Las Vegas strip almost nightly, showing off their newest trendy garb, anticipating a wild and crazy Las Vegas experience; it can leave a bad impression on those travelers not interested in these activities. Monday through Thursday, Las Vegas swiftly becomes a bit more "child friendly" atmosphere, but on the weekend, every hotel and casino promptly fills up with bachelor and bachelorette parties and college students looking to enjoy the wild and crazy party scene of "The Strip."

On the contrary; the Laughlin experience is a much more relaxed, quiet and personal getaway. With an easy three hour drive from the Phoenix area, Laughlin can be a wonderful escape from reality. There are plenty of great hotels and restaurants to choose from, and many of the same activities found in Las Vegas are also available in Laughlin. There are plenty of professionally manicured golf courses and miles of walking and biking trails for the outdoor sports enthusiast. For those of us that would rather stay indoors, Laughlin offers a great walking mall, movie theater and bowling center, along with spacious casinos with all the same great slot machines and poker tables. There are also many different, wonderful dinner options found in...

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