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Sub-cultures are something everyone is a part of in any society they live in. Everyone lives in some kind of culture; everyone has an ethnic background, a social standing, possible political, moral, and religious views and each of these items submits that person into multiple sub-groups within their culture. I, myself, am a part of numerous sub-cultures.
Starting with the largest I am a human being; I live and function as a human and not as an animal or plant. This seems a little farfetched to apply as a sub-culture but it is a proven fact that even some animal groups have communities and cultures of their own. Also, there are even some humans who choose to live an animalistic lifestyle. In addition, I am Caucasian or white Anglo-Saxon. This is a large sub-group that makes up over 70% of the American population according to the 2010 census (2010 Census). Speaking of America, I am also an American citizen. These are probably the three largest sub-groups I am a part of and there are many more to follow.
I am female and of Scot-Irish decent. These and those mentioned above are all physical traits that submit me into a sub-culture. There are also emotional and lifestyle factors that include me in numerous other sub-groups. I am a graduate of high school and someone who is attending college. I am currently employed and have had many different jobs ranging from food service, telemarketing, customer service representative, event planning, and retail. Each one of these jobs also puts me in a sub-group as others in the world have participated in these industries. This allows them to relate to me and have knowledge that others outside of this group of workers would not have. I am an only child who has heterosexual parents who are still married. This puts me in three sub-cultures just by evaluating my family life. For example, the opposite of my familial sub-groups would be people like my friend Edward. He has siblings, divorced parents, and his father is homosexual. Just like my family puts me in sub-groups his does as well.
I am a gamer, an aquarist, a car owner, a kayaker, a cosplayer, among other things. These are all sub-cultures that many would categories themselves under as well. I am non-religious and despite the fact that I have no religion at all this also put me in a sub-cultural group of others like me who are also agnostic. I am a pet owner. I own fish and dogs but have also had cats, rabbits, and a gerbil. I am in my early twenties; I am not married and have no kids. These sub-cultures seem odd for my age group but there are many people my age who are getting married or who even have a child.
One sub-group I think is most important to my lifestyle and the future sub-cultures I will join is the fact that I am currently pursuing my first college degree at Troy University. My major is Communication Studies. According to the Princeton Review, Communication Studies is the eighth most popular major among American...

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