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Population Control: Preparing for the Future
The world’s population is rising rapidly from seven billion to the estimated nine billion in 2050 (Ellis, Overpopulation is Not the Problem). Every human being adds stress to the Earth’s resources. Numerous places like Africa and China maintain a copious amount starvation and poverty. There are days when people go without food, water, or shelter. There is even such happening in the United States. In such places, it is difficult to find contraception, or birth control, which leads to unplanned pregnancies. These situations are rooted down to overpopulation, which is when there are too many humans. However, there is a multitude of ways to reverse such negative effects. Population control is a necessary act that will benefit the world through sparing natural resources, decreasing famine, and controlling unplanned pregnancies. A worldwide effort would have to take effect in order for a successful future.
China has a list of problems while maintaining one fifth of the world’s population. It covers around the same geographic area as the United States, but has twice the amount of problems, along with five times the amount of people. They have not had a lucrative past, and their future does not either. In order to fix such problems, the Chinese government has taken miniscule actions to further aid their country (Riley, China’s Population).
In the 1940s, China viewed promoting a larger population as a positive improvement for political strength and to improve economic development. Consequently, in the mid-1950s, China realized it “hindered economic development.” They then concluded the government of China must regulate population control in order to solve a majority of their problems (Riley, China’s Population).
Since the 1980s, China created law that differs from normal life in the United States. The law states that a couple is restricted to only conceiving one child. This law has constricted any further damage that would be executed (Riley, China’s Population).
Along with the one child only policy, contraception has been more prevalent. The Chinese government has managed to make contraception, public health care, and additional types of birth control more tangible to those who could not afford it. This endeavor was promoted to lower or maintain their population. Without such effort, the Chinese population would be even further elevated (Riley, China’s Population).
Along with the monumental aggregate of unplanned pregnancies in China, poverty and famine overwhelm the country. Nancy Riley proposed, “As cities and industries expand and as soil erosion, deforestation, and desertification become more widespread, China is losing farmland and grassland.” Deforestation not only takes away precious land from wildlife, but also food from humans. Mortality is generally higher in rural areas. People in rural areas are averagely poorer and cannot afford the basic necessities. Safe drinking water is scarce in...

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