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Population ControlSamuel CastilowProf. R. MaddyIntro to AnthropologyHuman population control is the act of altering how fast the population grows throughout the world. Government officials usually mandate it when they feel the poverty levels rising too much, for environmental concerns, overpopulation and even religious reasons. While some see it as an opportunity to improve the life of the population, many others see it as a way of exploitation.There are multiple ways of extracting population control procedures. Contraception (birth control) is one of the more popular methods. Birth control is a way to prevent pregnancy. Abstinence is a more religious approach to population control. Abstinence is refraining from all types of sexual activities. The process of reducing infant morality is a popular one. It is the act of limiting the number of children a single family can have, making sure at least one child makes it to adulthood. A few other methods are emigration, immigration reduction, sterilization and improving status of women causing departure from traditional sexual division of labor.Many countries practice population control today. China is probably the most infamous for their methods of population control. They initiated the China's one-child policy in 1979, which states, urban couples may only have one child with a few exceptions; rural couples ethnic minorities, twins and couples that have no siblings. The population control measure has prevented 400 million births, according to government officials. India's slogan is, "Us two, our two" meaning that families will have two parents and two children. They reinforce it by only allowing government facilities offered to its workers to only have tow children and also saying that people may only be elected for Gram panchayat (local government). Iran has greatly reduced their population by making couples looking to get married to attend contraceptive courses before allowing their marriage. The United States started Title X of the Public Health Service Act in 1970. It is also known as Title X Family Planning Program. It is to this day; the only government financed program that sole purpose is to provide comprehensive family planning and preventive health services to people. It is focused towards family that belong to the low-income or families that are uninsured who don't have access to health services. Since it first began, it has allowed American woman to receive the proper health care, including planning their pregnancies and preventing...

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