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Population Control In India This Essay Explores The Negative Impacts Of Population Control And How Alternative Measures Can Be Set Up To Prevent This.

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The world today, is always changing. Every second, children are born and the elderly pass away. This is the cycle of life on Earth. There is a direct relationship between the Earth and the inhibitors that inhabit this planet. Over the years humans have been trying to develop planet Earth. Policies regarding our skies, rainforests, and water have been drawn up so that the human population will not become extinct in the near future. Over-population, famine and drought in Earth are on the rise. An excellent example of a third-world country with the serious concern for its population increase is India. Earlier this year, February 26th 2002, the Indian Minster for Health and Family Welfare C.P. Thakur explained the government's policy of a two-child maximum population control policy. Thakur stated later that this would ensure stability in India. The entire population of the world is about six billion people and India has a staggering population just over one billion. The policy seeks to deny ration cards to families exceeding the two-child norm it prescribes. The policy also demands that families with more than two children will be punished by denial of bank loans, enrollment in government housing systems and the parents lose the right to contest in municipal elections. With uncontrollable population come diseases, famine, over-crowding, pollution, poverty, unemployment and thus the government cannot meet the needs of the citizens of India. This is the primary reason why a population controlling policy was necessary. The policy was developed with the idea of developing India. This proposed idea of population control, to enhance development and stability in India is not the right or viable option.Alternatives measures such as: educating the public, advertising the issue and getting foreign expertise advice on this issue should create public awareness and will eventually cause positive change in India. Indians will eventually change their lifestyles seeing the government's commitment to end poverty by their aggressive campaigning and not by policies developed to reduce population.India's population is growing at an enormous rate. About one thousand eight hundred are born every hour. According to this figure over 15.5 million children are born yearly. You do not have to be a rocket-scientist to realize that Indians have to rethink about their personal lifestyles if they want a future for their children in India. As this being the case, the population control policy developed by the BJP (the present power holding political party) is not a functional form of method to decrease the staggering population. The government made very clear that benefits and food rations will not be implemented if a family produces more than two children. This being the case, how will the government oversee these procedures in rural and tribal India? Obviously, there are many places across India, where the government does not have a strong presence. If such a policy is developed...

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