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Population Health And Aboriginal Homicide Essay

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According to the World Health Organization, health provision inequality has been a big issue in both developed and underdeveloped countries. This inequality has pushed the larger population to think on how to provide and promote quality public health which was deemed dead by the turn of the 19th century. Some organizations such as the World Health Organization have been formed to tackle issues relating to promotion of public health. The need to achieve health for all by the year 2000 and beyond gave rise to the Ottawa Charter Health Promotion, a very first international health conference that was held in the year 1986 (World Health Organization, 2011).
International organizations have a greater contribution to the health matters of Australia in terms of funding and as such needs to be accommodated in the countries policy making when dealing with health. These organizations contribute both in terms of funding, advise on formulation of policies and provision of drugs.
The local natives of Australia especially the Aboriginals are hard hit in terms of lack of proper health provisions. Statistics of mortality shows that their mortality rate is the highest and it therefore needs to be addressed with the utmost urgency.
Management of Type II Diabetes Mellitus
According to Ebrahim and Ranken, type two diabetes mellitus is caused by factors that are related to both genetic and day to day lifestyles of people. Lifestyle in this respect refers to physical activities, diet, alcohol consumption and smoking. People who are active physically, have a healthy diet, consume little or no alcohol and do not smoke are less likely to suffer from type two diabetes mellitus. People with relatives that are known to suffer from type two diabetes mellitus are also likely to suffer from this disease. Other factors that can cause this disease or worsen it include insulin resistance, hypertension, obesity and elevated cholesterol (Ebrahim, Ranken, 1988).
Type two diabetes mellitus being a serious condition, needs to be managed effectively. In this respect, five action steps of the Ottawa Charter Health Promotion can be put into use in the management of this disease. These steps and their application in the management of type two diabetes mellitus are as outlined below.
According to WHO, the first step is to build a healthy public policy (World Health Organization, 1986). This step encourages policy makers to include health as an agenda in their policy making decisions which indicates that health promotion does not encompass only healthcare. Thus, policy makers need to be aware of the consequences of their decisions and accept responsibilities on health issues. According to Kreuter, Lezin and Green, policy makers can come up with community health teams that will assist the local people in identifying the availability of alcohol and the ease with which it can be accessed (Kreuter, Lezin, Green, 1998). As earlier mentioned, alcohol consumption in large...

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