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Population In The News Essay

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Hand, L. (2014, February 24). Bp meds linked to serious fall injuries in elderly. Medscape Medical News, 2. Retrieved February 28, 2014, from Medscape Medical News Web site:
Summation of the Article Subject Matter
The article discusses the research that was conducted during the years of 2004 through 2009 in which 4,961 seniors above the age of 70, with a mean score of 80.2, were studied who possessed hypertension and after given antihypertensive medications had experienced significant injuries due to falling.
Interpretation of Research Results
Within the research the sampled participants were categorized within three levels of intensity in which ...view middle of the document...

8%) prescribed moderate intensity levels experienced fall injuries, and 127 individuals (8.2%) prescribed high intensity levels of antihypertensive medications experienced fall injuries (P = .058) (Hand, 2014).
Within the study the researchers made adjustments for covariates and ascertained that the ratios prescribed to those experiencing falls were believed to possibly be triggered from prescribed antihypertensive medications of which were classified as moderate intensity being that of 1.40 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.03 -1.90) and those who were prescribed antihypertensive medications classified as high intensity was that of 1.28 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.91 - 1.80) (Hand, 2014). Both of these statistical findings were determined when those prescribed antihypertensive medications, classified as both moderate and high intensity, were compared with those who were not prescribed antihypertensive medications.
These findings spur the belief that there could be a link between the elderly experiencing serious injuries due to falling due to utilizing antihypertensive medications and that the risk of falling may...

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