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Porfirio Diaz was a good president because he brought Mexico's rail network, the expanded international relations in Europe as well as France, During its presidency the economy of Mexico was up Porfirio diaz brilliant dictator born in Oaxaca, known for its phrases and ideals is also reflected in a subsequent presidents on a way of thinking never before seen dictatorship, cruelty. Over 30 years as president of Mexico, known these days for their anti-reelection campaign.
The growth in rail networks in Mexico during the Porfiriato was increased 4 times the number that had the country previously(economia en el porfiriato). In 1907 Porfirio had just finished expanding their project one of the ...view middle of the document...

the economy during the Porfiriato change drastically with capitalist ideas of being, Porfirio try to make the population of Mexico work any way and end worked accounts, in just 10 years achieving balance the external debt, making the products and mexico raw materials grew very high, the end of the Porfiriato the peso(Mexico money) was worth more than the Dollar (economia durante el porfiriato).
Porfirio improved economy on seas, improving trade with Asia, Europe and the United States, he build hydroelectric plants and increase the instrument known as telegraph (economia durante el porfiriato).
Diaz was not alone, Diaz had many enemies but Diaz had a powerful enemy that was Benito Juarez, Juarez legislator hungry to win after a stolen election in 1972, Diaz with the power of the "conservatives" a group of politicians seeking to the country will remain as it was, with few little capitalist people's rights, slavery, so to speak. Juarez hungry to separate religion from state law to give more people noted that years after the party known as liberals became revolutionary Francisco "Pancho Villa" and Emiliano Zapata (El partido revolucionario, acusa a Porfirio Diaz, ante la gente...

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