Pornography; An Informative Essay

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There is a quote that states, “Pornography is more honest than religion.” But is that true?. According to Psychology Today, Pornography is a sexually explicit material intended to sexually arouse. Pornography is often referred to as "porn" while a pornographic work is referred to as a "porno". Softcore porn refers to pornography that does not depict sexual penetration or fetish acts, while hardcore porn refers to penetration or extreme fetish acts, or both. According to Wikipedia, Erotic films began popping up right after the invention of motion picture, around 1900. The First pornographic movie went by the name Apres le Bal (After the Ball), which showed a young lady getting helped ...view middle of the document...

So, Being in the pornography business is similar to being a model. Ketcham said “average females” are porn stars that are not in high demand. They are very easily replaceable and their careers often do not last longer than a year. She estimated that they can make about $88,000 a year doing two scenes a week or 162 a year. The “average male,” whose careers have more longevity at an average of five years, can make comparable income but must perform about four scenes a week.“Exceptional females,” or those in very high demand, can make their careers last closer to 10 years at $249,600 a year, doing about four a week or 192 a year. “Exceptional males,” who can make their careers last the longest at 15 years, will make slightly more, about $268,800 a year, but have to perform almost every day at about 336 scenes a year.

Most of the men and women who were involved in Pornography lead normal lives today. After Porn Ends is a documentary that examines the lives and careers of some of the most famous names in Porn and also what happens to them after they leave the business. Some of the interviews include Seka, Marey Carey and Luke Ford. The interview that stood out the most to me was of Asia Carrera, who lived in the desert as a single mom, and was just so proud of her daughter for being so intelligent. She

states that in the business, she...

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