Pornography Causes Desensitization, Aggression, And Alienation

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Pornography Causes Desensitization, Aggression, and Alienation

A pair of long luscious, shapely legs extend upward until they join in perfect harmony. Colorful panties cover what seem to be the smallest area possible as a slim torso with shapely breasts and a slender neck lead to a perfect face. There she is, the perfect woman, the perfect picture of lust. Yet, she is only a picture, but what unbelievable power she possesses. Any man who looks her way will question his desires and himself. Who will resist her temptation and who will give in is the only question left without an answer.

Pornography. Everyone seems to know what the word means, but does anyone know its etymology? The graphic images associated with pornography distract from any exploration of the term, but just like anything else pornography does have a history. The word "pornography" is derived from the Greek word pornographos, meaning "writing of harlots". Despite its Greek origins, the word pornography did not show up in the English language until somewhere between 1755 and 1857. Even then its meaning referred to prostitutes and prostitution. So, when did pornography switch from prostitution to materials that depict erotic behavior? Around the year 1975, pornography took on the meaning we accept today. Therefore, it is a fairly young phenomena, but it has spread like wildfire through its secrecy and silence (Kendrick 1).

Many find pornography harmless, a step toward a greater sexual liberation, a way to set free the secret parts of the soul (Griffin 1). If only they knew the secret they would discover would be an addiction that has the power to last forever! Pornography grows into people's lives leading to destruction of their marriages, families, and sense of heterosexual love. Like any other addiction, pornography asks only, for one step, one taste. Then each step or taste afterwards becomes easier and easier, until finally the person is hopelessly hooked. Soon, the inability to control sexual behaviors sets in, leaving the person yearning for more and more. This yearning cuts them off from others and leaves their lives full of pain, alienation, and fear of discovery. Perhaps this is what we find in our secret souls (Bush 19).

The main defense of pornography is that it is an expression. In the Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary the definition of expression reads, "something that manifests, embodies, or symbolizes something else". Thus, for pornography to be an expression it must be perceived by the senses, concrete and perceptible, and represent a repressed feeling. Which in all honesty, it embodies all of these standards. Pornography is an expression, but more importantly, what does it express?

Pornography is the expression of selfish desires, desensitization, and alienation. Pornography is all about one's self. No one else enjoys it but the user. Instead of pursuing relationships with others, pornography users manipulate pictures and other materials to reach...

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