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"Anne, a high school student, is moving with her family into a house across town that used to be owned by a friend of her father's. Her new room had been occupied by a sixteen-year-old boy named Tom whom she had met once at a party. This room is bigger than the one in Anne's old house, and she's anxious to move in her things and make it her own. Anne opens the closet door and climbs on a step stool to reach the top shelf. A box at the back catches her eye, and she pulls it forward, curious. She slides the top off of the box and sees that it is filled with magazines. The top two are for fishing boating enthusiasts. But when she lifts these up, she finds a stack of pornographic magazines. These magazines feature pictures of nude or nearly nude women and men in various sexual poses. But the magazines that really surprise and shock Anne are those that picture women as victims in dangerous or violent situations. These photographs strongly suggest brutality and rape. Anne wonders why Tom would be interested in this type of magazine. Does his reading of these magazines indicate that he has angry or malevolent feelings about women? He had been very polite when she had met him, and seemed to have a good sense of humor. Is Tom going through a phase? Anne wonders if all men look at pornography. Does her father? Her older brother? And why? Are they curious? Anne notices that in many of the pictures, even the nonviolent ones, the men are in dominant poses, suggesting that they have power over the women. But the women have expressions indication that they are enjoying their subservient roles. Do most couples view sex in this way? Anne feels uncomfortable about the way sex is portrayed in these magazines. She wonders if she is being prudish, and if other people, particularly men, feel the same way. Anne wonders. She does not like pornography, but she does not know where she should stand on the issue for others. Does pornography change the behavior of its readers? Does it hurt anyone?" So what DO we know? That after over thirty years of sexual revolution, most people are as confused about sex as ever.One of the biggest problems the courts have addressed is how to define pornography. "Pornography has always had a derogatory connotation. It comes from the Greek word "pornographos," which is used to describe prostitutes and their trade. There can be confusion in a discussion of pornography because often the word in question is used as a general term to cover everything from soft-core "erotica" (writing which seeks to arouse sexually in a nongraphic manner) to sexually graphic, "hard-core" porn. People react different to "pornography" depending on the degree of explicitness of the material. Through research programs funded by the Canadian department of Justice a report showing acceptability and consumption, as well as other factors, of pornography in society have been compiled (1984). Exhibit 33 displays an Index of Acceptability in response to various sexual scenes...

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3504 words - 14 pages and websites such as, and All these sites contained keywords such as ‘extreme sports’ and ‘naked metal’ which led to them being blacklisted. This confirms the research conducted by SIP-BENCH and shows the destructive nature of one of the many filtering solutions available in the market. Secondly, the issues raised by the EDR are significant to this essay as they oppose Article 21 of the proposed

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669 words - 3 pages Pornography on the Internet. It takes many forms and means different things to different Internet users: an annoyance to a user researching a topic unrelated to anything sexual who ends up at a porn site, a possible embarrassment to the same user who is using a computer in the sight line of others, a source of concern for parents of young users, a source of entertainment for the young and curious. Harmless? No, because one must also take into


1257 words - 5 pages , "Inevitably, being an uncontrolled system means that the Internet will be subjected to subversive applications of some unscrupulous users". In 1994 there were over 450,000 pornographic images on the Internet and users have accessed those images over 6 million times. There are many legal issues that go along with pornographic images from child pornography to adult pornography.The Sexual Exploitation of Children Act was endorsed in 1977 and the law


1704 words - 7 pages .Pornography One of the largest growing businesses today is the pornography business. As of April 1, 1990, the population of the United States was 248,709,873. That same year, over 300,000,000 X-rated videos were distributed within the U.S. Since then, sales and rentals of adult videos have risen 75 percent. Now, pornography is a $13 billion industry, which is even greater than the combined annual revenues of the Coca-Cola and McDonnell Douglas


9309 words - 37 pages What Sexual Scientists Know About...Pornography What is Pornography? The word pornography derives from a Greek word meaning writing about prostitutes. Although there is no widely accepted modern definition, the common element in all definitions is that the material is sexually explicit. Controversy revolves around whether specific depictions are art or smut, good or bad, innocuous or harmful. People often label as pornographic material that


665 words - 3 pages Pornography"¦it has been one of the biggest concerns for women and children especially the movies and the Internet. I would like to take the time to explain how women and children are affected by pornography. How can we get women to understand that pornography is morally wrong and it degrades them? How can we get people to understand that pornographyweb sites increase a child's curiosity and knowledge of sex? Yes, doing pornographic

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