Pornography In America: How Bad Is It?

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Pornography, the dark side of America and the world. The kind of thing that is regulated to hushed talked in bars and strip clubs. Nothing creates more disgust or debate in America than porn. Mothers and lawmakers say that it is demeaning to women and a threat to a stable families. The porn industry and its viewers claim that it is a harmless activity not much different than other more main stream activities. So is porn truly that bad or is it simply a harmless American pastime unfairly discriminated against? That can only be decided by people on an individual basis.Porn is not anything new, it did not start with Playboy and Hugh Hefner. The Original porn book was the Kama Sutra. Created in India during the 1st century BC, popular in India until it was translated by English and American explorers. The book is still popular today and is said to improve sexual relations. The first modern porn images started to appear around the 1840s when images circulated at doctors and instrument makers shops. They continued to evolve with "nudie" postcards appearing in France and finally becoming the pin-up girls of WWII. At the end of WWII the pin-up girls grew in popularity and soon Hugh Hefner created the next step, in 1953 he created Playboy, the first adult magazine that featured fully-nude women. The 1960s brought Bob Guiccone with Penthouse and AL Goldstein with Screw. Private was the first magazine to legally publish penetration pictures. 1969 also brought the first movie to document the popular swinger lifestyle when Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice was released. Up until the mid 1970s porn was something seen in seedy downtown theaters late at night or in magazines shoved under beds, but in 1975 and 1976, Betamax and VCR were introduced allowing for home porn videos. Porn viewing continued to rise and skyrocketed at the turn of the 1990s when the World Wide Web became operational, within years millions of adult sites flooded the internet, allowing for instant access to pictures and videos in one stop. Some of the sites were pay while more allowed for downloads of free samples and pictures.With the explosion of porn over the internet and in sex shops, various problems have been used as reasons against porn. One problem that was first promoted as a problem was addiction. Porn Addiction is a hypothesized form of sexual addiction defined by its proponents as a condition resulting from the overuse or abuse of pornography (Downs). Pornography Addiction is not a medically classified disorder, but rather is classified under Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Porn Addiction is characterized by excessive viewing and reading of, and/or thinking about. In 1990 Goodman compared sex addiction to the categories most commonly used in the DSM to define substance abuse, including:Frequent preoccupation with the behavior or with activity that is preparatory to the behaviorFrequent engaging in the behavior to a greater extent or over a longer period than intendedRepeated...

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