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Pornography On The Internet Essay

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Have you ever been searching for something on the Internet and clicked on an innocent looking link and been sent to some pornographic site? This happens more times than most people realize. Many times dead links or incorrect addresses will automatically direct you to a pornographic site. The way that pornography on the Internet is accessed needs to be changed, so it is not accidentally opened.There is a lot of controversy over whether pornography should be on the Internet or not. Personally I could care less whether it was on the Web or not. I do not look at any of it nor will I ever care to. There are some people out there who do choose to look at pornography. I feel that is their personal choice. As long as the person is 18 or over they should be able to stare at pornography on the screen till their eyes cross if they want to. The only real problem I see is how a user can be so easily misdirected to a pornography site and trying to get out of one of these sites after you have accidentally been sent there can be annoying. I am sure we have all had this problem, you somehow get sent to a porn site and all these little boxes start popping up to go to other sites, to look at pictures, and to buy things. Trying to click your way out can be crazy. Everytime you finally get rid of one box another one pops up. If you try to use the back button to get out, you cannot because the site's designer has it set up so you are trapped in there. The way these sites are set up needs to be changed. A user should not be...

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