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Pornography, Should It Be Illegal Or Not?

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1. IntroductionMy topic deals with the issue of whether or not all pornography should be illegal. I will defend the position that pornography should be kept legal by arguing, first, that pornography is beneficial to society, and secondly, that any position to make pornography illegal would go against the rights of the first amendment.2. ArgumentMy argument is that pornography is beneficial to society. Pornography: aids as a sexual outlet for potential sex crime offenders, provides pleasure for people who are unable to find sexual fulfillment, helps society be more open about the topic of sex, and aids in helping couples deal with problems in their sexual relationships.a. assumption ...view middle of the document...

Pornography can be used to start and stimulate open discussions about sex. If parents would talk to their children about the topic of sex, everyone would be sexually educated. Society can only benefit if everyone became educated about sex.d. assumption #4Finally, pornography can help couples deal with sexual problems in their relationships. Many couples cannot reach sexual fulfillment by themselves. Pornography is often used as therapy for couples with sex disorders, or couples who are not satisfied with their sex lives. For many, a happy sex life leads to a better relationship, which leads to better families.3. objections to argumentMy most controversial assumption is that pornography reduces the number of sex crimes committed. Pornography is not a sufficient outlet for potential sex crime offenders. It may even increase the number of violent sex crimes committed by people who view pornography. People who find the most pleasure through pornography are either rapists or potential sex crime offenders. They get the idea that all women love to engage in various sexual activities, and that it is natural to force women to have sex with you. Therefore, they force women to have sex with them. Pornography also puts new sexual fantasies inside the minds of otherwise innocent people. These people may decide to act on their fantasies and in the process, commit a violent sex crime. While some victims may be saved by the viewing of pornography, more will be hurt by the viewing of pornography.4. response to argumentThe pornography business is a billion dollar industry. Millions of people view pornography and benefit from it. If it were proved that pornography encourages rape, it would have already been illegal. There are many movies and television shows that view violence as an acceptable way of life. That does not mean that people will go out and kill others...

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